Quality policy


The Management of PIPEWORKS,S.L. y L&R, Ltda., a group of companies devoted to the development and manufacture of refrigeration equipments and pressure vessels as well as the development, prefabrication and assembly of pipelines on vessels and on land, is responsible for the establishment of the Policy of Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety and Health at Work and commit to make it known and understood by all the members of the group. This Policy aims to protect its workers, respect the environment and achieve the highest possible satisfaction as far as its clients are concerned.

The guidelines are the following ones:

  • That the services rendered and products elaborated meet the needs of our clients, complying with the specifications, legal and regulatory requirements, environmental legislation and regulations in force concerning occupational safety and health and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, allocating the resources required for this purpose.
  • To promote the training and awareness of all the company’s staff for their participation and involvement in the continuous improvement, the reduction of the environmental impact as to get a better knowledge of the risks arising from work.
  • To involve, motivate and engage the staff in order to seek their participation in the management, development and application of the Quality Management System, Environment and OSH, making them aware of their individual obligations and always instilling a culture of prevention. The continuous improvement of the Organization and promotion of good work first time to avoid non-conforming products, protect the environment, prevent pollution and minimize occupational safety and health risks, in order to improve the degree of satisfaction of our clients, the performance of the Organization and protect and safeguard the Environment and the Safety and Health of workers as well as of visitors, contractors and other interested parties.
  • To provide the necessary means and resources in order to achieve the goals defined in Quality, Environment and OSH.
  • To carry out periodic reviews and audits of the Quality Management System, Environment and OSH, to verify and evaluate compliance with the established objectives and goals in order to improve it and adapt this Policy to the changing conditions of the organization.

In Tuy on 29th June 2017

The Management.