Flushing service in piping systems and equipment

This hydraulic system cleaning operation guarantees Pipeworks’ quality in a highly demanding market such as the aeronautical, energy and chemical, offshore and oil & gas sectors. Pipeworks, in addition to designing, manufacturing and commissioning the equipment, performs flushing on the hydraulic power packs to ensure the highest quality standards.

Pipeworks has qualified personnel, machinery to carry out the installation, pressure testing and flushing of hydraulic pipelines on a turnkey basis.

Description of equipment:

Compact hydraulic unit mounted on a bench and installed in a container for flushing and pressure testing of hydraulic circuits. The equipment, consisting of several pumps, is designed to cover in a versatile way the high variety of existing needs in terms of flow rate, filtration and pressures. The different working configurations allow to achieve high levels of filtration and cleaning in pipes in compliance with the most demanding international quality standards (ISO/ NAS/ SAE). Adapted to Industry 4.0, it has temperature and pressure instrumentation as well as sensorisation for automatic particle measurement and recording with PC output. The equipment complies with safety directives and CE marking and its encapsulated container configuration gives it additional environmental protection features.

Performance and capacity:

  • Flow rates: possibility of fixed and variable flow rates in low pressure up to 1,385 l/min.
  • Pressures: low, medium and high pressure between 15 bar and 600 bar.
  • Standard range of application (Øint: mín 3 mm, máx 150 mm).
  • Pre-established reference values in tables (length, diameter and temperatures).
  • Viscosities in different grades (15, 32, 46, 68, etc).
  • High efficiency filtration according to customer specifications.
  • Continuous cycle particulate matter content recorder in formats ISO 4406.1999; NAS 1638/AS4059E; SAE-AS 4059E Table 1 /ISO 11218.

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